Our People
To provide quality services with integrity, reliability and efficiency, with the objective of contributing to our clients' business growth.

At Sekhar & Tan, our goal is to constantly upgrade our services in order to serve you better. To achieve this, there are several objectives which we adhere to:

  • To keep our competitive edge in the rapidly growing age of information technology, our computer equipment, systems, maintenance services and software are constantly being upgraded and extended.

  • We are always expanding our range of services, resulting in more specialized departments and increased efficiency to cope with your specific needs.

  • Recognizing that successful, fulfilled individuals are what ultimately make an organization successful, we offer our staff competitive economic rewards besides encouraging them in their pursuits of self-improvement by taking external courses and attending seminars. We also organize workshops where they can acquire management and problem-solving skills.

  • We are committed to making a positive contribution to your business through our excellent services. Working with integrity, we seek to be a vital force in providing information for the evaluation and management of businesses in the private and public sectors, and also to lead in the innovative expansion of the professional disciplines in which we serve.